Yael Camhi is a healthcare industry insider with specialized experience and knowledge in the area of regulatory compliance and helping healthcare organizations compete profitably in a dynamic and often unpredictable environment.In April 2017, she founded Camhi Compliance Consulting, Inc., a healthcare compliance consulting firm located in Boca Raton, FL servicing healthcare organizations nationwide. 

Yael Camhi is a former healthcare provider herself who after selling her company realized that healthcare organizations tend to underestimate the importance of an effective compliance and ethics program until it is too late. The price they pay, often includes expensive lawyers, astronomical fines, criminal investigations, loss of reputation and in some cases even termination and exclusion.

Yael Camhi understands from the providers’s perspective the unique challenges companies face to stay abreast of the myriad of complex rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.The ever increasing and changing regulatory environment that has been imposed on healthcare providers is a part of the business in which she has gained significant hands on experience. She understands that the lack of or an ineffective compliance plan can have a significant consequence on a provider’s bottom line. Yael works with a Board of Advisors that includes experts in healthcare law, accounting, billing and coding, clinical and pharmaceutical. 

With more than 14 years of healthcare executive, regulatory and compliance experience working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), insurance companies, health plans, physicians, patients, vendors, third-party payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), and other entities, she has become astute at developing innovative and atypical solutions to key issues that healthcare organizations and healthcare compliance officers face.hese issues have included implementing or improving effective compliance programs, assisting with DOJ/OIG investigations, and supporting healthcare compliance officers with independent audit analysis for improved efficiency and effectiveness. She has substantial experience working with healthcare startups, as well as with healthcare mergers and acquisitions. 

Yael enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge in order to help businesses stay compliant and compete successfully in today’s healthcare industry. Over the years, as a member of various healthcare professional associations including the American Association for Homecare, Accredited Medical Equipment Providers of America and Florida Alliance of Home Care Services, she has made numerous trips to Washington DC to advocate on a variety of healthcare issues to members of Congress. 

Yael is an active participant at the CMS Provider Compliance Focus Group Meeting.She has developed an uncanny ability to reach key community members and legislators, both in Florida and on a national level. Yael is also an active member of HCCA (Healthcare Compliance Association) and has successfully completed the certification for the Healthcare Basic Compliance Academy and for the Healthcare Privacy Basic Compliance Academy. In addition, Yael has been certified as a Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist. 

She is an active member of WIPP (Women Impacting, Public Policy) and NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners).Yael was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She received her master’s in international studies from NYU and has spent the majority of her professional career working in the healthcare industry. Yael is a mother and grandmother who wants a better world for her children and all generations to follow. 

 Her beliefs and experiences have transformed her into a tireless advocate of healthcare organizations, patients’ outcomes, safety and satisfaction, employees’ safety and satisfaction, and all who can be negatively impacted by the state of the US healthcare system.


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